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  • 2010 Marcelo Lajterman Scholarship Award Winners

    Eric Spillane - Colts Neck H.S.

    Hello all, I am Eric Spillane of Colts Neck High School and I am truly honored to receive this scholarship.  While the monetary value of the scholarship is nice, it is the story behind this scholarship that is really significant to me.  The film depicting the story behind this scholarship titled ‘We Are Marshall’ brought tears to my eyes and has had an everlasting impact on my life since I’ve first seen it.  I’ve learned to cherish every moment I’m alive because you never know what will happen next.  This scholarship signifies the life of an amazing person and athlete; Marcelo Lajterman.  Through this scholarship we all remember Marcelo and the rest of the 1970 Marshall Thundering Herd Football team.  As I continue my education and football career at Monmouth University this fall, I will hold the story behind this scholarship dear to my heart.  The memories of Marcelo and the rest of the 1970 Thundering Herd football team will live on as I will share the significance of this scholarship with many others.  As has been said many times in the past; Marcelo is gone, but not forgotten.  I want to sincerely thank the Lajterman family for this scholarship.  Thank you.

    Tim Divers - Wayne Hills H.S.

    Dear Mr. Lajterman,

    It was a pleasure meeting with you to accept the 2010 Marcelo Lajterman Memorial Scholarship trophy. I would have like to attend the annual golf tournament to accept the trophy, but my Dad has me working to earn my own gas money over the summer. When I received your invitation to apply for the scholarship, I remembered that I had seen the movie "We are Marshall" years ago with my Dad. Ironically, it was also showing again the weekend after I received your invitation and I watched it again. It was very moving. I didn't realize until researched the story, that Marshall's star kicker (Marcelo) was also from New Jersey. I am extremely honored to have been chosen as one of the 2010 scholarship recipients. The scholarship money will come in very handy (My Dad tells me "Lehigh ain't cheap"). I only hope that I can make you all proud to have chosen me for this scholarship. Again, my sincere thanks and I can't wait to get to Lehigh and begin to contribute to the team.


    Tim Divers
    Lehigh, 2014

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